Marquee Hire Help & Advice

March 25th, 2015


Number of Guests
To obtain a marquee hire quote, you will need to decide how many guests are attending your reception, as the size of the marquee will dictate its cost. We recommend approximately one square meter per guest, as well extra space for other elements such as the bridal table, buffet tables and dance floor. guide for marquee size versus number of guests

NB Your choice of tables will also affect the amount of space you require. Round tables that seat eight to ten guests are a popular option, while rectangular banquet tables can seat between ten and twelve guests.

How Long do I hire a marquee for?
The length of time you hire your marquee will also impact upon the cost. When considering this, remember you will need the marquee set up at least one or two days before your wedding so that you can install tables, chairs and other fittings, as well as decorate it. Similarly, you will need sufficient time after the event to clean up and pack things away.

How long is your marquee hire period?

For weekend events, the marquee is yours for both Saturday and Sunday. During the week, the length of the marquee hire period is by arrangement.


  • Find out if the marquee hire company are available for your wedding date.
  • Ensure the company is willing to visit the location of where the marquee is to be erected,
  • Clarify exactly what is included in the price.
  • If the company offers other services such as catering, floristry and power generation find out whether these services are sub-contracted.
  • Does the company have experience with catering for wedding parties?
  • Find out what arrangements are made with regards to clearing up and clarify in writing the state in which you should expect to find the grass once the marquee has been dismantled.
  • Do they have lighting and heating facilities for the marquee?
  • How much deposit is required to secure a booking?
  • Testimonials (recent)

Does the total cost include VAT, travel expenses, and the time taken to erect and dismantle the marquee?

  • Confirm guest numbers (approximately)
  • Confirm delivery event date(s)
  • Confirm furniture type and quantities (Allow for catering)
  • Agree rough internal layout of marquee (dance floor, entrances etc.)
  • Agree colours and style of interior decoration (any samples to colour match etc.)
  • Confirm payment terms (deposit / vat etc.)

Safety Issues: Position of underground and overhead services (e.g. drains, gas pipes, etc.) if known. Ensure your power supply is adequate. Consider fire precautions, fire extinguishers?

General Help and Advice: Inform us if you need the marquee in place prior to the eve of the event Stagger the arrival of the various contractors, e.g. caterers are unable to set up before the roof lining is in place. Update marquee hire company of changes to guest numbers, dates etc. prior to the event.

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