Covid-19 social distancing marquees

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The Event

A building project in Central London, which had been suspended due to Covid-19 / Coronavirus.

The Challenge

To get work started back onsite by enabling the services to account for social distancing.

One of our regular construction clients, Multiplex, approached us as they required additional space to allow for social distancing for their canteen areas and drying rooms. This would allow their team to return to work and thus, construction work to continue on their site in Central London, all with social distancing measures in place.

The Solution

After working through detailed plans, and working within the constraints of being unable to see the site. We designed two separate marquee structures that could be built inside the confines of the building site. We also worked through an extensive risk assessment to ensure that construction and de-rig of the marquees were within the social distancing guidelines. With a quick turn around of only a few days, our team built two separate marquees, one for a canteen area, and the other an enlarged drying room space. This allows the workforce of 400 contractors to resume to work in line with social distancing guidelines.

We designed the structures with key elements in mind:

  • Distancing of 2m (or more) between tables.
  • Separate entrance and exit to allow through flow.
  • Lighting to all structures.
  • Set up and de-rig in line with Covid-19 / Coronavirus social distancing measures.
  • Compliance with existing health and safety measures.