Rapid deployment marquees

We can provide a range of emergency marquees and temporary structures at short notice, whether this is for short or long term requirements. Our structures can be customised for a wide range of industrial, medical and other uses.

Example requirements for a marquee include (but not limited to):

  • Screening area
  • Hospitals and waiting rooms
  • Security area
  • Accident and emergency
  • Quarantining areas
  • Workshops
  • Containment area
  • Inspection and testing area
  • Manufacturing
  • Storage or holding area
  • Enlarged canteen or cafeteria areas to allow for social distancing
  • Drying rooms/areas
  • Link walkways
  • Sanitising area
  • Refrigeration
    • Including insulated roof and walls

We have a wide range of accessories including:

  • Adjustable racking
  • HVAC systems (to cool or heat the structure)
  • A wide range of flooring options, including non slip vinyl
If you require our support for emergency marquees or temporary structures, please contact us on 01932 620 060 or email contact@marqueehire.co.uk
At this time we are able to deploy our structures for any use required in a matter of days. Please contact us to describe your requirement in more detail so that we can provide an accurate estimate.

We'd love to help with some extra information if you're interested in Rapid deployment marquees. No obligation, of course

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